Selection of work by our Studio Members. Please contact them directly for more information about their work. 


Andrew Sherriff

Andrew’s work is distinctive, each piece is a one-off original, made from clay
never cast or reproduced.  A lot of his work is inspired by artists, past and present.
“I like to take two-dimensional paintings and make them into sculptures, I think of them as being thoughtful and as unique as you are – having spirit.  The thought of taking a piece
of earth and making it into something someone may desire and cherish I find exciting!”  “When the clay is malleable it feels like it has life, and can be shaped into anything. Then it gets fired in the kiln, shrinks a little and the soul seems to disappear, the challenge is to then to work life back into the piece by adding materials. such as paints, oils, polish and glaze”

Estsy Shop - @sherriff.clay 

Louise Waller

I am constantly designing, making and exhibiting my Ceramic projects. Trying to develop my skills and create my own unique style. I am inspired by regular and unusual commissions combining inspiration from my love of Art Deco and Minimalism. I am always open to new and interesting challenges.

My work is currently on display and for sale inLifestyle Collective, 195 Allerton Road Liverpool L18 6HG

Projects are documented on Instagram #LouiseWallerCeramics

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Jane Loveday

Jane is a hand-builder of sculptural ceramic forms and vessels, inspired by nature, texture and colour.  Increasingly using stoneware and exploring the layering of glazes and slips, her aim is to create interesting and beautiful shapes, enhanced by surface decoration, without losing the essence of the clay body beneath.







Poppy Elmhirst

'I like the challenge of clay working mainly on the wheel. My main interest is of simple form, colour and also function







Chris Turrell-Watts

Chris has been making work in clay for over 25 years. Work has included commissions for the Arts Council offices in Brighton, Leicester City Council's Held in the Hand project, a large scale wall panel for a restaurant in Wirral as well as a number of residencies and gallery shows.

My work explores the darkly playful side of childhood toys influenced by medieval illustrations, Japanese anime and ritual costume. Pieces are a combination of press moulded forms with hand built additions that exploit the natural surface textures of the clay and are then layered with oxide and underglaze washes that give the works an illustrative feel to them .